Our mission is to fuse ancient tradition with science and technology.  We empower and liberate our members through physical expression, thus opening the gateway to mental and spiritual health.

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The Ekata “Bridge Program” provides a strong foundation for students from ages 12 to 16. These years are crucial for any young adult. The most important aspect of our program is how we “train the brain”.

Strength Confidence Martial Arts

Young adults are establishing their identity in the world. It is a time of insecurity, mood swings and choices. Our mindfulness-based curriculum is designed to help teens become aware of their thoughts and thinking process. Just as we exercise the body by performing multiple repetitions of a movement, so too do our thoughts regulate our thinking patterns. Each time a teen loses focus and brings their mind back to the selected point of concentration, it is like doing a “rep” for the brain.

We train teens to develop a kind, respectful attitude by “training the brain” with movement and mindfulness-based exercises. A healthy body helps create a healthy mind. In keeping with this philosophy, our physical conditioning program is designed to help young bodies achieve maximum performance without injury.

The most common injuries associated with adolescent sports are related to forcing young bodies into collegiate or professional sports training protocols before their bodies can withstand the load. At Ekata, our professionals provide programs that yield optimal results while acknowledging the limitations of young bodies.

Teen Kickboxing Savate

Ekata’s “Bridge Program” provides structure and support to guide teens toward healthy habits that last a lifetime. We want our teens to be responsible and respectful. They receive the best of mixed martial arts training while developing a compassionate and caring mindset.

Our teens learn Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, the original mixed martial art. All of our teen classes integrate character-training lessons adapted to meet the needs of our teen population to help them negotiate the pathways of decision making in this formative stage of life. Call today to schedule an introductory class and speak with one of our counselors!