Weight Loss For the Holiday - A Mindful Approach

Forget it!  I'll start in the New Year!  These are common phrases that escape from many of our lips during the holiday season.  While its perfectly normal and natural to over indulge a bit enjoying the festivities of the season, like our Catherine our nutritionist says, "It's only two days - not two months."  

A rather large component in mindfulness practice is simply paying attention.  If we pay attention to our thoughts, which in turn lead to urges we can place a wedge between the impulse and the action - which usually entails cramming some cookies in our mouth!

The holidays are a busy time.  Most of us will put off going to the gym or health club.  Don't!  One of the lessons we teach the kids in our Kung Fu classes is "Dinner before dessert."  Of course this means "first things first".  We encourage the children to do their homework before play time along with exercising and practicing martial arts before goofing off.  Imagine if we did everything we tell our kids to do! 

Please come join us for ongoing mindfulness classes.  Our mindfulness classes are always free and provide the foundation for all of our health and fitness activities here at Ekata in Valencia.  If we apply mindfulness based principles to lifting weights, running, martial arts, or nutrition the benefits are extraordinary!  Contact me at Ekata Training Center and I'll help show you not only how to succeed in your fitness goals, but how to reduce stress and enjoy a blessed, gratitude filled holiday!

Warmest Regards,

Sifu Ed