At Ekata, we believe movement and mindfulness are key steps on your path to being a complete individual. Ekata literally means “oneness” and it sums up our approach to total mind and body fitness. With a blend of Eastern tradition and Western science, combined with the practice of mindfulness, we work with you to develop truly lasting, holistic health.

Ekata has been part of the Santa Clarita community since 2006, but our roots reach back to 1992, when Sifu Ed Monaghan started a health club in West Hollywood combining martial arts and fitness. After 15 years of developing the concept, Sifu Ed and Sifu JoAnn Wabisca opened Ekata Martial Arts & Fitness on Cinema Drive in Valencia, and in 2014, we relocated to the expanded Ekata Training Center on Smyth Drive.

This is more than just a place to simply get in a workout and lose weight. It is an oasis from the hectic pace of daily life; a sanctuary where you can care for your body, sharpen your mind, and experience true transformation.

Through a combination of physical fitness, Mindfulness and meditation, you will see changes that last. We believe that true fitness begins with the right mindset, and at Ekata you will develop the right mindset to begin a journey of total fitness.

Your journey begins here.

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