At Ekata we believe everyone should become an athlete. Regardless of your level of conditioning, our expert trainers can teach you to approach fitness from an athlete’s perspective.

We mindfully acknowledge your current condition and create a balanced program based on your goals. All of our conditioning programs are based on functional movement principles. If you learn to train for performance, the aesthetic and health benefits come by themselves.

Ekata – Fitness


Fitness - Biokinesiology

biomechanicalSPORTS SCIENCE

Human Health and quality of life depend on the ability to move skillfully and efficiently. Ekata’s research affiliation with Dr. Chris Power, head of USC’s Biokineseology Program, and his laboratory takes our ability to assess and prescribe exercise programs to a level of unparalleled excellence.


Ekata has made arrangements for our members to be assessed by Dr. Powers in his sports performance lab. Please contact our training department for more information.


• Reduced cost full spectrum analysis
• Access to off-site biokinesiology lab with motion capture and vector analysis
• Analysis and program implementation alongside Ekata’s certified personal trainers


Personal Training

Personal Training - PT

Private Trainers

At Ekata we believe in educating students so they become independently healthy. Our objective is not to make you dependent on a trainer for motivation or knowledge, but to give you the tools necesseary for success.

Member Benefits

Each student receives a free assessment, program recommendations, and monthly training session. Assessment includes:

• Body composition measurements
• Flexibility assessment
• Strength assessment
• Cardiovascular and endurance assessment

Training Packages

Affordable packages are available. Please contact our training department for more details.