About Us


We view movement and mindfulness as a path to self-realization. In striving for specificity, awareness, and perfection of movement, we learn to train the mind. This practice leads to a greater understanding of how to control his/her thoughts and actions.

Peace of mind. Elimination of negative habits. A happy, balanced life. These wonderful attributes can be gained through walking a path laid down by ancient sages.

This is the way of oneness – Ekata.

Ekata was founded in 2006 but its roots run back to 1992. Sifu Ed started a health club in West Hollywood, which combined martial arts and fitness. After 15 years of research and development, Santa Clarita residents Sifu Ed and Sifu JoAnn brought their concept to Valencia in the form of Ekata Martial Arts & Fitness’s first location on Cinema Drive.

As a professor at UCLA, Sifu Ed spent many years researching the effects of mindfulness, martial arts, and movement on adults and children. In doing so, he and Sifu JoAnn developed friendships with masters of all cultural and philosophical backgrounds.

In an effort to “get to the point” most Western martial arts programs ignore the philosophical traditions of the East. This neglected area of training, which the Japanese refer to as “Budo” and the Chinese call “Wu Shi Dao,” is uniquely and prominently emphasized at Ekata.