Where Families Train Together


You bring in your children.  They have a healthy snack at our juice bar, which serves only plant-based foods and drinks for optimum health – then the older kids go up to our study hall where they receive free tutoring to get their homework done!  The toddler goes to our child-care center where they practice arts and crafts in a Montessori based platform. Mom stops off in our meditation room to just be still.  Then she gets a wonderful Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage or has an acupuncture treatment.  Dad goes to the gym and receives his free monthly training session with our certified trainers.  After homework is done, the kids take a Jeet Kune Do, hip hop, yoga, Savate or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu class.

Everyone goes home happy and relaxed!  It’s all done without the hassle of having to drive all over the place – and here’s the best part - all for the same price that you would pay for a small, mini-mall martial arts school!

So here’s the big question -

Why don’t we do it even though we know its what we need?

Time and money – it’s always the same.  Ekata just solved your problem.  Everything under one roof, all for a reasonable price.


Ekata Family




Ekata is by far the best all over gym and wellness center in the area.  The martial arts and other classes are taught by world-renowned instructors and the facilities are premier.  The staff is like a family and will treat you the same.  I can’t say enough good things about this place!!

Robert U.


After trying two different martial arts studios where the instructors were more like drill sergeants, I finally found Ekata for my son. This studio is also the family focused community I have been looking for,  with holiday celebrations and community service events, so fun!… The instructors are genuine, and professional, they push when needed inspire, and motivate.  The classes are good size and they make an effort to get to know each family.  I highly recommend it!!

Terri H.


Beautiful facility, friendly knowledgeable staff, an oasis to get grounded physically and mentally. I love their Savate (french kickboxing) class for a martial art with grace and power. All the martial art classes offer a good workout that keeps me from getting bored. I’m excited to try Hip Hop and Fencing classes as well. The general workout area is open with views of the trees and it’s never crowded.

Suzy G.


One of the nicest extras at Ekata is the Kid Care Room! Previously, my children hated going to a child care room at a large fitness club. I eventually quit because my children hated going in there! Here, the service is free, compared to the monthly fee I had to pay at the previous place. Now, my children want to come early so they have more time in there! They love everyone who works there, especially “Mrs. Rachael”, the young lady who runs the room. It is bright, clean, stimulating, and my girls spend their time playing with other children or doing solitary activities with the various toys there. My children feel happy and comfortable in there, and I never feel like I have to step out of a class or stop my workout to check on them.

I would suggest any parent to try out the Kid Care Room and see for yourself! All anyone has to do is call Ekata the day before and have the receptionist add your child’s name to insure a spot in the room when you are coming. Try it!

Holly G.